Wednesday, 9 December 2009

#Intro post

I don't think I ever did one of these did I? Well, time to make amends now!

My name is Adi, you can follow me on twitter here where I randomly update every now and then on books I'm currently reading. I'm new to both twitter and blogging so feel free to lend advice if you think I need it, I'm always open to free critic. I'm 20, fast approaching the big 2-1 and a University student in England, that is, the UK. So if I tend to moan about books getting here slower than the US, you now know why.

The books I tend to devour belong to the paranormal/fantasy group. And by that I mean I read anything in those categories, YA, adult or even Middle School books. I'll post age-ranges for the books I read on the posts they're included on, although with the majority you can clearly tell by the covers. (Naked guy on front? Definately not for little girls!)

So far I'm playing catch-up on my huge list of back-up books, with a few extra new ones thrown in that catch my eye. Fallen by Lauren Kate is one of these, couldn't resist the beautiful model in that equally beautiful black dress ;)

So, as an English student this is a way for me to grow in the way I read and analyse books - although preferably more in the minds of entertainment than what we do in seminars/lectures! I don't like the idea of stripping down some of my favourite books to the bare minimum, thank you very much!

Hopefully you'll join me on this journey of development and it'll be fun for the both of us! See you on the other side,



  1. pattepoilue said...

    Bienvenue / Welcome to the blogging world!

    I'm relatively new to blogger and Twitter too (well it's been 6 months now). I'm glad you found my blog, i see we have the same love for books. AND you're also trying to tame your TBR list ;) That's not easy, the harder i try the worse it gets!
    I'll be keeping my eyes open for your reviews =)

  2. Adi Lin said...

    Thank you for the welcome!

    You're blog looks awesome and you've already added to my to-buy list with some of your reviews :) The taming of the TBR list is going, but very slowly, I blame exams and assignments! Haha, thanks for the warning. ;) Hopefully it'll go alright...